Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If you see your name below, you've won an item in the third week of the auction!

Thanks so much! We had a GREAT third week.

Please use the PayPal button on the sidebar to pay the amount you've won your item(s) for.

**If payment confirmation hasn't been received within 2 weeks after the entire auction is over, the item will go to the next highest bidder.**

If you see a * by your name, we still need your e-mail, please leave it in the comment box.

Those with an "X" have already submitted payment.

X - Carol Seigle
Ski Big Bear Vacation Package ($141.00)
Foot Zone Therapy Session ( $14.00)
U of U Cookbook ( $16.00)
Pampered Chef ($14.00)
Boyd's Bears ($16.00)

Emily Rosengrant
Baby Boy Cocoon

Tara Carr
Yoga Socks

X - Emily Haas
Beanie #2 ($1.00)
Any Ocassion Card ($1.00)
Pioneer Woman Cookbook ($71.00)

X - Pam Shoemaker
Beanie #1 ($10.00)
Amethyst Necklace ($75.00)
Easy Bake Frosting Pens ($15.00)

X - Rick Fike
DJ for a Party

X - Emily Afutiti
Christmas Table Centerpiece

X - Kathy Bennie
Classic Pooh Throw ($3.00)
Today'a Day Stamp Set ($6.00)
Nu Skin Hand Lotion ($6.00)
Nu Skin Tru Face Essence Ultra ($21.00)
Nu Skin Liquid Body Bar ($6.00)
Nu Skin Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer ($11.00)
Nu Skin Epoch Baobab Body Butter ($10.00)
Nu Skin Conditioner ($19.00)
Nu Skin Shampoo ($19.00)


X - Sarah Kate

X- Trina Hansen
Express Postage Stamp Set ($10.00)
Critters Clippies ($10.00)
Girly Clippies ($6.00)

Amie Fanucci
Pampered Chef Cookie Press ($25.00)
Flowers and Stripes Clippies ($4.00)
Personal Training Session ($20.00)

X -Rebecca
Jewelry and Hair Clips ($13.00)
Oh So Cute Bows Gift Credit ($9.00)
Cleaning Direct ($25.00)

X - Brittney Misiego
Jewelry and Hair Clips ($12.00)
Haircut ($10.00)
The Kit ($15.00)

X -Jennie Palesano
Any Ocassion Cards ($5.00)
Any Ocassion Card ($5.00)

X - Margy Bowley
Any Ocassion card

Hair Bows ($7.00)
Easy Bake Frosting Pens ($11.00)

X - Laura Bloomfield
Christmas Clippies

X - Peggy Drasher

X -Teresa Dowell

X - Jason Clauser
XM Satellite Radio ($28.00)
Proclamation and Living Christ Print ($32.00)

X - Tara Graver
Homemade Polynesian Dinner

X - Magen
BYU Cookbook ($25.00)
The Kit ($10.00)
Eyebrow Waxes ($5.00)
Haircut #2 ($5.00)

The Kit

X - Erika
Hooded Towel

X - shantrarogers
Foosball Table


  1. Hey Bridg - I sent my payment and then an email to Kash for Kami yesterday. Did you receive them? Margy Bowley

  2. Thanks guys, very best of luck and love to Kami. Happy Holidays :)

  3. I just wanted to say what a sweet little beautiful girl Kami is. My Cousin Jeri Gagon said she was in your ward in PA. My prayers go out to her & your fanily. What a great idea & I am glad that you have gotten so much support! I sent in my payment for a chalkboard I won for week 2. I haven't heard anymore & just wanted to make sure my payment came through alright. My email address is the_ginamarie@hotmail.com if you need to contact me about the payment.
    Best wishes,
    Gina Sims

  4. I sent payment last night through paypal did you recieve it??? Thank you