Auction Instructions

The auction will be separated into three weeks. First week running Monday, November 8th through Saturday the 13th. The second week will run Monday, November 15th through Saturday the 20th. The third week will run Monday, November 22nd through Saturday the 27th. 

Bidding will close at 10:00pm EST on the 13th, 20th, and 27th.

1. Place your bid as a comment using the comment link at the bottom of the post. Bidding will be in increments of $1.00. When bidding please include e-mail info so we can inform winners. 

2. If you are a winner, please e-mail payment confirmation from PayPal to

3. Once payment confirmation has been received, the item(s) will be shipped or delivered.

**PLEASE NOTE: If payment confirmation hasn't been received within 2 weeks after the entire auction is over, the item will go to the next highest bidder.**